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Entry #13

What I am.

2011-10-22 23:23:52 by cjdude1

When I was 13, I made a vow never to smoke, drink, or use drugs. I'm almost 18 now, so far so good! And I actually I don't think it's awesome at all. It's... well, it's just right. It's not awesome that I still go to parties with that stuff just to make sure nobody else gets hurt. It's just right. If people didn't follow crowds, then we wouldn't have war, be in debt, have racism, or even have crime. It all stems back to the same emotion; fear. People fear not being in favour, not being popular, so they act like sheep. I'm not glorifying myself, but I first showed signs of being different when I was just 2. When I was 2, I didn't try to make any friends, I didn't want any. Without friends, I could focus on other things. As a result, I read "The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer" at age 2. When it comes to real life, I still don't have many friends. But you know what? I am one-hundred percent okay with that. I would be hated by the whole world if it meant making a difference." If I can prevent even 1 person from falling under, then I'm happy. That's my purpose, my Self-Actualization.


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2011-10-23 02:42:44

Well composed and heartfelt. I used to read the cereal box contents at 3 or4, had the same problem with humans, too. You can't change your nature, so what you say is spot on - the 60's hippies called it Be Here Now or something. Gotta go whitewash Becky Hatcher now....


2011-12-03 01:06:31

Right on and good luck pal.