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What I am.

2011-10-22 23:23:52 by cjdude1

When I was 13, I made a vow never to smoke, drink, or use drugs. I'm almost 18 now, so far so good! And I actually I don't think it's awesome at all. It's... well, it's just right. It's not awesome that I still go to parties with that stuff just to make sure nobody else gets hurt. It's just right. If people didn't follow crowds, then we wouldn't have war, be in debt, have racism, or even have crime. It all stems back to the same emotion; fear. People fear not being in favour, not being popular, so they act like sheep. I'm not glorifying myself, but I first showed signs of being different when I was just 2. When I was 2, I didn't try to make any friends, I didn't want any. Without friends, I could focus on other things. As a result, I read "The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer" at age 2. When it comes to real life, I still don't have many friends. But you know what? I am one-hundred percent okay with that. I would be hated by the whole world if it meant making a difference." If I can prevent even 1 person from falling under, then I'm happy. That's my purpose, my Self-Actualization.

Newgrounds Now.

2011-08-13 22:37:21 by cjdude1

I have been thinking about how different NG is now than it was Oh so long ago. I'm currently writing a little "report" on my personal experience with NG's change, If anybody would like to contribute some extra info on NG's Past, just comment!

Stupid Ass Computer

2010-10-16 16:15:53 by cjdude1

I just had to reset my entire system to defaults cause of some random virus. I need a laptop...


2009-07-10 21:18:16 by cjdude1

Well.... Life in my place is currently boring... Ah screw it.


2009-05-22 22:34:40 by cjdude1

You gotta see this and dont tell me you didn't laugh

Summers over

2008-08-15 12:54:43 by cjdude1

WE have To LEARN again? Awwwman. What did everyone do this summer?

Flash Doom

2008-06-10 22:06:47 by cjdude1

Me and My friend have started a flash version of the original doom! you can play the alpha here


2008-06-10 21:27:24 by cjdude1

I got banned for one stupid joke and now this is The only stinking thing i can do.


2008-05-12 17:39:32 by cjdude1

How's life? Post anything INTERESTING AND APPROPRIATE! Please

New part in collab

2008-02-29 19:36:13 by cjdude1

Finally i shall test my flash skill as my first newgrounds submission....... I know I havent Submitted anything. But that dosent mean ive never done flash or that im NOoUB or whatever you do for that I33T crap. But now I WILL (drumroll) HELP IN THE SONIC SHORTS COLLAB! (crickets sound) Dang, Bet you wouldnt pull this crap on thewax70 just cause HE RULES. Well fine be anti social ive got a mov.... I mean short to make. PEACE from Cjdude1 (still cant belive i chose that name).